'We investigate the patterns and mechanisms of genomic variation in disease'

Seila Díaz, PhD in Biology | Cancer Transmissibility


Seila Díaz is graduated in Marine Science from the University of Vigo and obtained her PhD in Biology from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). She completed his doctoral thesis at the Centro de Investigaciones Marinas (CIMA) where she developed her professional career for eight years. Seila conducted several research stays in Station Ifremer La Tremblade (France), LEMAR (Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Environnement Marin) (France) and University of Coruña in the research group of Genetics of Marine Organisms (Spain). Since 2003 she has developed her research work in the field of molluscs pathology, specializing in molluscs cancers.

“I like to read, travel and enjoy the sea and the mountain”