'We investigate the patterns and mechanisms of genomic variation in disease'

Picture: Students from Genomes & Disease lab after a long and happy journey at Ciencia Singular of CiMUS. (Left to right: Nuria Espasadín, Martín Santamarina, Bernardo Rodríguez-Martín, Jennifer Brea, Alicia L. Bruzos)

Genomes and Disease lab actively participates in the Ciencia Singular of CIMUS, an open doors day at CIMUS celebrated in November with many researchers from other laboratories involved.

Ciencia Singular of CiMUS is the most relevant initiatives for the citizens to meet the scientists working in this institution and know what they are doing, that is the latest advances in science and the main research lines. Ciencia Singular of CiMUS is intended for granting access to the public in general to spaces where scientific knowledge is developed, getting in direct contact with us through workshops, conferences and debates.

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