'We investigate the patterns and mechanisms of genomic variation in disease'

It is our pride to share today some exciting news: Over the last couple of weeks, our multidisciplinary team has made a fair amount of effort on a COVID-19 sequencing project. Thanks to the invaluable help of our collaborators at the Microbiology Service at the University Hospital of A Coruña- Biomedical Research Institute, who kindly provided us with viral RNA samples, and to the combined expertise of our MINION sequencing service and bioinformaticians at Mobile Genomes, we managed to decipher the complete genome of SARS-CoV2 from some Galician patients afflicted with COVID19. Our team will refine both the wet lab protocols and analysis pipelines to further contribute to a better understanding of the genomic evolution and spread of this virus.

Although further studies are still required, our sequencing results support the presence of two lineages of COVID19 in Galicia, namely S and G, likely having arrived in Galicia independently.