'We investigate the impact of mobile DNA on disease, and the genetic mechanisms that make cancers transmissible'

Monica Martinez Fernandez, PhD in Biology | AECC fellow


Mónica Martínez-Fernández is an investigator funded by the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). Mónica's research has focused on understanding the genomic and epigenomic alterations that confer advantage to tumor cells. She has a solid background in transcriptomics, proteomics, and epigenetics with interest in statistics and bioinformatics. In particular, Mónica has been trained in molecular biology techniques including microarray, RTqPCR, nanostring, and next generation sequencing (NGS). She has experience with mouse models, cell cultures, and human samples (tumor tissue and liquid biopsies). Her current work focuses on understanding the functional impact of regulatory sequences transduction mediated by retrotransposons highly mutagenic in human tumors. This research is expected to improve cancer diagnostic, treatment, and treatment resistance.


Selected publications (last 5 years)